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Site overview


Site overview

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Relaxation and fitness

«Muscle Beach»

In Santa Monica, Muscle Beach is by the sea, but in the Papieri neighborhood you’ll find it beside the River Lorze. A recreation and fitness zone with various strength-training machines is created in a secluded spot beneath the trees by the Lorze. This is the ultimate playground for adults.

Fun for the kids

Playground with climbing structure

Beneath the trees near the engine shed, the «paper plane» playground is a very special place for little ones. Among other things, it features a thrilling climbing structure and provides a go-to place for parents and their children to go. As a beautifully designed outdoor space, also parents love spending time there.

Among the trees


The tree-lined Siloplatz between Buildings I and K creates another lovely space within the new neighborhood that simply invites you to linger a while. As a neighborhood square, it also offers plenty of space for taking a break, relaxing or engaging in neighborhood life.

The north-south connection directly on the river


The Lorzensteg belongs to one of the most popular places in the neighborhood.

The Lorzensteg takes you along the side of the old paper machinery halls and straight over the deep green, crystal-clear River Lorze, forming a north–south connection that makes a lovely place to while away some time. Those looking for peace and quiet flock to the shore. This is a lovely, cool spot on warm summer evenings.

A square for neighborhood living


Papieri Platz in the heart of the neighborhood makes for a central gathering place. People meet up in the large piazza, throw parties and – in summer – enjoy a cool drink outside the Kesselhaus restaurant.

Bikers and cyclists can make use of the bike station to repair minor defects or remove any dirt from previous rides.

Third stage of construction

Building E

  • the multifunctional stage
  • Buildigs E + F
  • 6,500 m2 of living space
  • 12,500 m2 of office and retail space

Reference 2026

Third stage of construction

Building F

  • the multifunctional stage
  • Buildings E + F
  • 6,500 m2 of living space
  • 12,500 m2 of office and retail space
  • see more: next level spaces

Reference 2026



  • Homebase of Specialized – made for riders, by riders.

Boltshauser Architects, Zurich

Since 2020 in this building.

Office/commercial space


  • unique headquarter on the riverbank
  • total of 880 m2 over three floors

Röösli Architects, Zug

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Completion autumn 2023 for tenant fit-out

Energy Cluster

River hydroelectric power station

  • first licensed hydroelectric power station in the canton of Zug
  • with a neat museum, which shows, among other things, the original turbine of the old paper factory power station
  • with climbing aids for fish including a beaver ladder
  • around 50% of the energy required on the Papieri site is produced on site in Cham. The power station is part of it.  

Commissioning December 2022 

At the heart of the site

Building K

  • 36 rental apartments
  • approximately 50 micro-apartments 

Büro Konstrukt, Lucerne

Move in late 2024

Einzigartige Gewerbeflächen


  • Steht als Baudenkmal unter kantonalem Schutz
  • 1’500 m2 Büro- und Ateliefläche

OYM sports college residence


  • Sale of plot of land to OYM founder Hans-Peter Strebel
  • Replacement of the former silo building
  • A new home to 60 athletes

Move in from 2024

Sustainable and far-sighted living

Building I

  • 61 condominiums
  • Wood-concrete composite design for comfortable living
  • Daycare on ground floor

Huggenbergerfries Architekten, Zurich

Move in 2025

Living in a landmark building

Former paper machinery halls PM1-4

  • 52 condominiums (Papieri Lofts) SOLD
  • 7 loft studios SOLD
  • commercial units, covering approx. 2,620 m2

Boltshauser Architekten, Zurich

Move in from late 2022

Industrieller Charme


  • Denkmalgeschütztes Gebäude
  • Totalsanierung
  • 580 m2 Gewerbefläche im EG und auf Gallerie

Bezug Januar 2021

Site flagship


  • Dining in the development’s landmark building
  • Building application 2023

Opening 2024/25

Urban living

Building A

  • 160 rental apartments
  • 30 of it affordable rental apartments
  • 16 commercial units on the ground floor, covering approx. 1‘010 m2

Galli Rudolf Architekten, Zurich

Move in from late 2022

Homes with a view

Building L

  • 46 condominiums (Papieri Suites) SOLD
  • 3 commercial units on the ground floor, covering approx. 330 m2

Huggenbergerfries Architekten, Zurich

Move in autumn 2022

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Phased construction

Gradual site development

A completely new neighborhood with around 1,000 apartments and 1,000 jobs is being built on the site of the former paper mill. It covers 11 hectares and will be constructed in several phases. Despite its size, it is not being built on greenfield land, but in the midst of historic buildings. By converting the striking existing buildings, the project preserves the links with the past; the neighborhood’s industrial origins remain visible.

They are joined by a number of eye-catching new buildings, including five high-rise buildings with incredible views. The new neighborhood right by the Lorze offers an appealing mix of office spaces, apartments, lofts, workplaces, studios, open spaces and public-oriented uses, All within a skillfully balanced, sustainable area that cherishes its own history – and is continuing to write it.

Lukas Fehr
Leiter Entwicklung
Cham Group

we are the
papieri people

we are the
papieri people

Lukas Fehr
Leiter Entwicklung
Cham Group

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