Papieri People

In our «Papieri People» series, individuals involved with the neighborhood talk to us about what is going on here. Who is behind this large-scale project? Who are you likely to meet here? Who is doing what? And how will the neighborhood look in the future?

Manuel Lerch, Agrovision Burgrain

A taste of organic farming on Papieri

Since February 1, 2024, Papieri Platz has been offering the bounty of Central Swiss farms, following the opening of Agrovision Burgrain’s fourth self-service farm store. More than 300 organic products from Central Swiss farms are now available to buy at the elegant wooden pavilion in the beating heart of the Papieri neighborhood. There’s crusty bread, an array of meat products, crunchy vegetables and fresh fruit. Manuel Lerch is in charge of the Marketing and Sales division at Agrovision Burgrain. He tells us about the philosophy of this organic supplier and how the self-service farm shop came about.

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Maarten Duijn – Reha-Zentrum Papieri

Exercise is essential

Classic physiotherapy, a small gym, outdoor classes and support for athletes – Reha-Zentrum Papieri offers much more than just rehabilitation and physiotherapy support. In this interview, founder Maarten Duijn talks about his work, the philosophy behind it, and what he likes best about the Papieri.

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Effi Tanner

A neighborhood association for the Papieri

Just as the contractor, Cham Group, is developing and implementing the Papieri site, Effi Tanner is building communities. It is essential that the new neighborhood not only provides residential space, but also evolves into a lively area for the town of Cham. This requires people who are committed, enjoy socializing and want to make a difference. That’s why the Cham Group initiated the founding of a neighborhood association. Effi Tanner is helping to set it up.

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Livio Fazio

Revoltab – Smart fragrance worlds at Papieri

Our ability to smell is our strongest sense and we have all experienced the “Proust effect”, whereby a particular aroma triggers an involuntary memory. Be it suncream while on holiday or the smell of our parents’ house – a memory combined with a scent stays with us forever. And there is a suitable fragrance for every situation, which is exactly where the start-up Revoltab comes in.

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Kerstin Arnold, dog salon «Little Monster»

A dog salon for pampering our four-legged friends

The dog salon «Little Monster» in Papieri is run by Kerstin Arnold and dedicated to delivering first-rate grooming services for four-legged friends. In an interview, the salon founder talked about her journey into dog grooming, its psychological aspects and her connection with Papieri.

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Andrea Williner – aw moments

Captured: a fitting setting for child and family photography

Andrea Williner moved her photography studio “aw moments” to Maschinengasse in December 2022. She immediately felt at home in the split-level studio. In this interview she talks about the things that are most important to her in her work and what she loves about the Papieri complex.

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Thomas Aebischer & Patrick Röösli

Preserving the site’s history

Thomas Aebischer, CEO of the Cham Group, only recently opened the gates to the new neighborhood in September. As the CEO of the building owner, Thomas Aebischer attaches great importance to preserving the history of the site. The challenge facing the architects is to strike a harmonious balance between old and new. Patrick Röösli is up to the task. He and his team have already overseen the total renovation of the engine shed, and he also designed the new «Zentrallager» office building that is currently being built inside the former central warehouse.

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Sophisticated performance analysis shows athletes what they are capable of

The brains behind ProMetrics are not reinventing the wheel with their business idea, but taking performance analysis in sports to a new level. In an interview, Hans-Jürg Gebhardt and Jaromir Fuoli – Gebi and Jari for short – tell us what is unusual about their solution, which areas the results can affect and what they love about the Papieri development.

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KeramiK Loft

Two generations creating modern design at Papieri

Keramik Loft opened its doors at Papieri at the beginning of October 2022. The studio for modern ceramic design is the merger of two labels and two generations. The two founders Tonja Amstad and Elena Gilli have big plans at and with the Papieri.

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Esther Schneebeli Portmann

Dentistry at the Papieri site

When a brand new neighborhood of housing and business is created, there’s definitely space for a new dental practice – much to the delight of Esther Schneebeli Portmann. In the current issue of Papieri People, the dentist explains what she loves about the location and what she’s looking forward to the most.

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Rita Illien

Connecting open spaces: landscaping the Papieri

The scaffolding is gradually being removed from the first-phase buildings, providing a glimpse of the emerging outdoor spaces in the new neighborhood. Rita Illiens company, Müller Illien Landschaftsarchitekten, are the landscape architects responsible for designing the neighborhood’s outdoor spaces. Because high-quality architecture alone doesn’t guarantee quality of life. A cohesive outdoor design concept featuring attractive squares, planted streets and alleyways, as well as spacious parks, provides both a connecting framework for buildings and the necessary space for residents.

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«Atelier 14»

Film and Livestreams on the papieri site

Lukas Schnurrenberger and Tobias Rothenfluh of Cham open a second location of their company AVP Media-Design with ‘Atelier 14’. Their additional location at Maschinengasse in the center of the new Papieri neighborhood, consisting of a separate film and photography studio, will be ready at the end of the year. In this article, Tobias and Lukas explain why the Papieri area also holds historical meaning for them.

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Stefanie Schöpfer

Creative Workshop for Kids

Life will return to Papieri in the fall. That’s when the first moving vans will pull up and the workshops and stores will gradually open their doors. Stefanie Schöpfer will start her MALA Creative Workshop for kids at Maschinengasse 14 in early 2023. In the current issue of Papieri-People, Stefanie explains why her workshop, like the Papieri site itself, is about a process of development, and her ideas behind it.

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William White and Vivienne Bertelsen

Initial lettings: not long to wait now!

Things are moving quickly on the Papieri site. The 1,000 apartments will soon welcome their new occupants, while employees will transform the commercial spaces into offices and new places of work. Lettings for the commercial premises constructed during the first phase launched on February 10. Apartment lettings are also set to launch step by step, even though the show apartment still has its scaffolding up. The four-person team headed up by William White, Head of Asset & Site Management, and Vivienne Bertelsen, Real Estate Manager, will oversee the lettings.

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Julie Andermatt and partners

Growing together: Papieri’s new kindergarten

Peals of children’s laughter will soon resound in the lanes of the Papieri neighborhood. A future addition to the development is a lovely daycare center that aims to offer children from the local area and surrounding region a home from home. Little Home, as the newly founded company is called, is not as small as its name might suggest. On the contrary, in fact: it is set to be one of the largest daycare centers in the canton.

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Roger Boltshauser and Andreas Friederich

From paper mill to a new neighborhood

Alongside many others, Andreas Friederich and Roger Boltshauser have been closely involved in the transformation of the Papieri site. Friederich, an architect and former CEO of the Cham Group, and Boltshauser, an architect and urban planner, have had a part in the process, albeit in different roles, from the very outset, and are continuing to contribute to this day.

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Georg Dubacher and Roland Regli

New standards for carbon-neutral solutions

In this issue, we introduce the people behind the carbon-neutral energy system: Georg Dubacher, energy consultant and mastermind behind the Papieri energy system, and Roland Regli, Head of Execution at the Cham Group.

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Werni Anderegg

Stories from 48 years
on the Papieri site

Werni Anderegg worked on the site for 48 years – first as an electrician, and lastly in facility management. Not only does he know every nook and cranny, but he is also a contemporary witness to the historical transformation of the site, from former paper mill to an emerging new neighborhood for living and working. Werni retired in summer 2021.

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