11. January 2024

Awarded the Watt d'Or

The Papieri site is creating a wholly innovative foundation for an energy-efficient, climate-neutral and sustainable society, making it a groundbreaking project within Switzerland. The Watt d’Or is the quality seal for energy excellence awarded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). In 2024, the Cham Group joined the illustrious ranks of Watt d’Or winners.

It boasts a unique, environmentally friendly energy system: 100% renewable, fossil-free and largely energy self-sufficient. In the emerging district, which will ultimately have 1,000 homes and 1,000 jobs, 40% of the total electricity requirement is covered locally by the hydroelectric power plant and the photovoltaic system. The district’s own power grid can be tapped into by a medium-voltage local usage association.

Heating and cooling are generated using geothermal energy and thermal energy from the River Lorze. The Papieri development has a high level of energy self-sufficiency at 75%.

Highly digitalized energy management ensures optimal use and efficient consumption of district energy, enhanced by smart technology for residents and local businesses, an electromobility concept and biodiversity measures.

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